High Risk Pregnancy Treatment in Gurgaon

Childbirth is one of the major phases in a mother’s life. A baby changes a parent’s life in many ways bringing a lot of joy in their life. Most women are lucky to deliver a healthy baby without any kind of trouble or complication, however, there are a lot of changes a women’s body faces during the process of pregnancy. Some of these changes may unfortunately turn a normal pregnancy into a complicated one which can affect the health and well-being of the mother and her baby. These are termed as high-risk pregnancies and have to be tackled the right way to ensure the survival of the mother and her baby. These complications can be minor or major, and can occur at any time before, during and even after childbirth.

Therefore, it is always important to take proper care during the pregnancy including frequent visits to the gynecologist, which helps the mother in delivering her baby without any kind of trouble. And more importantly if the need arises, to be under the care of a high risk pregnancy specialist in Gurgaon (like Dr Prachi & her team) who can closely monitor the health of both mother and baby and take appropriate measures efficiently.

Dr Prachi & her team see to it that the mother and the baby are provided with the best of care as soon as she conceives. The mother is provided with full support and endless care throughout the pregnancy period for the best results. Viva Women’s Clinic is equipped with the best tools and equipment which help the mother to stay healthy during this phase. Dr Prachi along with her experienced support team provides best treatment for high risk pregnancy care in Gurgaon. They are one of the well-known and recommended specialized teams in Gurgaon for high risk pregnancy management near sector 55, sector 56, sector 58, golf course road Gurgaon with the aim of keeping the mother healthy and the baby strong.

There are various factors which can cause high risk during pregnancy:

  • Medical problems and conditions present in the women before pregnancy
  • Women who delay in planning for a family and cross the age of 35 face this problem
  • Smoking, alcohol and drugs can put pregnancy at risk
  • Diabetes, Blood pressure can be a major issue
  • Anemia, infection or mental health condition can complicate pregnancy

If at all you go through any of the below problems immediately get in touch with Dr Prachi & her team in Gurgaon to get the best treatment done as soon as possible:

  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Bad pain or cramps over the lower abdomen
  • Decreased fetal movements (baby in distress)
  • Watery vaginal discharge

Apart from these, there various other kind of issues which women face during the pregnancy. Hence, the expertise and care provided by Dr Prachi & team is all the more valuable to keep the mother and her baby safe & healthy

High Risk Pregnancy Care

We have helped many mothers who have faced twin pregnancy complications, previous pregnancy failure or miscarriage, and ectopic pregnancy with the best outcomes for the mother and her baby. You can always count on us when choosing high-risk pregnancy care in Gurgaon as Dr Prachi has a reliable and experienced team who have great knowledge about childbirth and can provide you with the right treatment of high risk pregnancy near sector 55, sector 56, secto 58, Golf course road and nearby areas in Gurgaon at affordable cost.

Dr. Prachi has vast experience in this field of high-risk pregnancy and has successfully treated some of the most complicated cases of pregnancy. You can take her guidance while you plan for a baby which will help you in getting the best treatment and care throughout the pregnancy.


Dr. Prachi

Gynecology Specialist in Gurgaon

Dr. Prachi Sarin Sethi is an Obstetrician, Gynecologist and Laparoscopic Surgeon in Gurgaon with over a decade of experience in the gynaecological field, treating patients with full dedication and compassion.

She has dealt with several challenging obstetric cases with confidence and had successful outcomes. If you are looking for the Best Gynecologist & IVF specialist in Gurgaon, meet Dr. Prachi Sarin Sethi for best experience.

Dr Prachi is currently heading the Gynaecology department at Metro hospital, Palam Vihar, Gurugram.

She is a dynamic laparoscopic surgeon also specialising in IVF and infertility across Gurgaon.


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